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Katie Joy, Recon Team, 19th January, 2012, SOUTH POLE

Hello. Hope you are well. The ANSMET recon team have escaped 13 straight tent days and the bad weather of Szabo Bluff, and are currently all safely housed at the USAP Amundsun-Scott South Pole Station! The clouds and fog lifted this afternoon to beautiful blue skies, clear views and low winds to allow a Twin Otter aircraft to fly in and pick us all up (see photo of us leaving the field). We took down camp quickly (after two weeks in a tent you would move fast if you heard a plane was on route!) and after loading the plane and a two hour flight we were all at Pole (see photo of the geographical South Pole with flags). It is bit of a shock being back in civilisation and seeing different faces, but we have enjoyed a dinner of pizza and some ice cream this evening and have indulged in wonderful hot showers, comfy chairs and the gift shop :) We are very grateful for the people at South Pole for having us to stay, and thank you also to the Twin Otter crew who came out and picked us up. We will let you know more news when we have settled in and know what the plan is for the next days.