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Priscilla King, Recon Team, 8th January 2013, Szabo Bluff

Well hello there darlings. I am my holiday from the Ross Sea (really the leopard seals are a nightmare this time of year) and upon my hike through the mountains I stumbled across the ANSMET recon team camp. Well you can imagine my surprise – what are these crazy humans doing out here searching for rocks from space… hum… strange bunch (and between you and me they appear rather unwashed) but they have agreed to pay me in salmon steaks and chicken patties if I hang around for a few days to help them out. I do like chicken patties (especially with ketchup) so I have agreed, and they have found me a cosy orange tent to set up home in and stretch out my tired feet. It even has a scented candle, and a chair with a big blue comfy cushion with a hole in it for me to put my tail through whilst I paint my nails.

The humans seem a bit fed up as they have been stuck in their tents for the past two days… yesterday apparently the winds were blowing at 35 knots and today, although the winds are low, the clouds are thick and threatening snow. I don’t know… seems like pretty normal Antarctic weather for penguins like me, but apparently they need low winds and blue skies to move camp. I hope that things clear up for them so we can get on with looking for these rocks they are after.

Ta-ra for now